Allways Events Pre Valentines Night

Allways Events Pre Valentines Night HYDERABAD

Allways Events Pre Valentines Night


Rustic Roof, Hitech City Road, Madhapur, Opp. Syndicate Bank, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081


20 : 00


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P Sumanth


Sunny Austin- a cool EDM expert, Ram Krishna - a 'Maestro' in several musical fields and the rockstar, Chinna Swamy with his hands-on expertise in Rock Music, when such talented musicians collaborate, something new and astounding is born! That's how SARCS was born in 2015! Sunny Austin, Ram & Chinna Swamy, excellent combination of three local musicians grinding together the fusion of Rock and Hip-hop. Their first collaborated hit was their first song 'Jhimpak Chimpak' released on 5th march 2016. Instantly, they started to claim all the fame surrounding them. The only thing that is connected them and made them create the new groove is MUSIC. The hot flash about SARCS is that they are the trending pretty high on the internet with 6 Million viewers. 'Jimpak Chipak' (with this track SARCS gave opportunity to 3 upcoming rappers who had great skills) attracted the youth across the twin cities with their raging dance floor breaking music!

On 2nd April 2016, they released their second song 'ComeOn Gusa Gusa'- an old wine in a brand new bottle. They picked up the Superstar Krishna's golden melody and revived it with remix and created the hype in the netizens across the city and elsewhere. The following for SARCS is on a rave and its quickly reaching to an extreme extent. On 12th August, the band proved that they can relive to audience's expectations by releasing 'Baby Girl.' Every step towards their success is a grand mix of love and affection from their followers. You can not have enough of their music. Even though their songs are private Gemini Music has bestowed their courtesy by playing their songs on the channel. If you haven't heard it yet, then surf on right NOW to YouTube and browse for their songs. If your surf time is landing right on Diwali, then you can give yourself a grand treat with their new songs!! 'Chubbly Chubbly' (Releasing on this Friday 10/28/2016 @ 7pm) is the new addition to their album and another one following it will be, 'Oh Devadaa' !

Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a celebration observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world...

This VALENTINES NIGHT party with your friends AND LOVED ONES at your favourite place RusticRoof with SARCS Band. The day calls for celebrations and enjoyment in the company of closed pals and chums!! The best way to celebrate VELENTINES NIGHT would be to spend the time in a way your group enjoys the most.