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We are the master of our destiny. We can achieve any dream if we really want it. But we find most of the people leading mediocre lives. They just survive when they are meant to thrive. Very few humans have mastered success and left a legacy behind them. What makes them different and superachievers? They have mastered the secret of setting goals. Here in George Kochu's Discover Your Destiny, we train your children how to set goals and how to achieve them. This is a one day workshop wherein your little ones will learn the art of Goal Setting using cutting edge Mind Power Techniques. The workshop covers following modules 1. How to use Mind Power for assured success. 2. Mind Reprogramming and Priming Mind for Success 3. Study Techniques 4. Visualization 5. Affirmation 6. Concentration Techniques The workshop is highly interactive and fun oriented to make it highly interesting as well as benefiting. The workshop users multi-accelarated learning method for optimum benefit. Contact George Kochu Team for booking your seat. The workshop will take place during Telangana Public Holiday. Date and venue will be announced two weeks prior to the workshop. Timing: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM The workshop includes Free Lunch, Two times Tea with Snacks. Also participants will be provided with free takeaway printed materials and audio CD for mind exercise. Workshop fee: 3200 Earlybird offer: 2700 To avail earlybird offer register your name on or before March 30, 2018 For further information and registration call: 9447484407