TECHTRON 2018, Technical Workshop Series at IIT-Hyderabad

TECHTRON 2018, Technical Workshop Series at IIT-Hyderabad HYDERABAD

TECHTRON 2018, Technical Workshop Series at IIT-Hyderabad


IIT Hyderabad, Khandi, Telangana, India


09 : 00


18 : 01



2 days Technical workshop series in association with Elan and nvision IIT-Hyderabad Techtron 2018.


  1.  Automobile Engine Mechanics

  2.  Vision Robotics

  3.  Ethical Hacking

  4.  Android Apps Development

Eligibility Criteria: B.TECH, BCA, BE, B.Sc, BCOM, M.Sc, MCA

Certification: All participants will be rewarded with Certificate of Participation from Elan & Nvision, IIT Hyderabad.

A free hardware kit in Vision Robotics will be provided in a group of 5 members.

Workshop Terms and Conditions:

       Workshops will be delivered by officials of Techtron Technologies India & and its Associates. Rights of Admission Reserved by the Organizer(Techtron Technologies India). This Workshops are strictly for students, since the course content has been designed according to the students. Professionals, Experts and Faculty Members of colleges/Schools/Parents are not allowed to join this Workshop and same do not fall in our eligible candidate list.

       Only those candidates who have paid their registration fee for workshop or who had received a valid confirmation mail to join the workshop are only allowed to attend the workshop. Parents/Relatives/Friends and others will not be allowed to sit inside/outside the workshop venue. At the time of workshop students must have their payment proof/gate Pass of the workshop, with college ID.

       All Certificates will be issued by Elan & Nvision, IIT Hyderabad and Techtron Technologies India

       Seats will be alloted on first come first serve basis, as the seats are limited.


       Duration of the Workshops is 13-15 Hours (divided into 4 sessions of 3-5 hours each).

       Theory Vs Practice Ratio for Workshops: 30% theory 70% Practical.

It is mandatory to carry atleast 1 Laptop in a group of 4-5 members with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Installed with sufficient battery backup + A 220v AC Power Extension Cord/Board to extent Charging point/sockets of 200vAC . 220v AC Power Socket are very limited & hence Power Extension Cord/Cable will help you to get your Own 220VAC Charging Point for your Laptop.

        We are not responsible for any software failing to run/install on the participant's laptop.

        If we find any candidate misbehaving or showing misconduct with any member of organizing team, his candidature will be cancelled immediately.

        Scheduled date of the Workshop is Final (6th - 7th January, 2018).

       There will be No competition after the workshop. Only study session will be there after that workshop will be over.

        If you are not satisfied by the quality of services provided during the workshop, you are required to send a written application to Techtron Technologies India Head Office at the given address: Techtron Technologies, 902/290, Street No. 3, Shalimar Village Industrial Area, New Delhi-110088.