I Complete Me - A Journey to Find your Missing Pieces

I Complete Me - A Journey to Find your Missing Pieces HYDERABAD

I Complete Me - A Journey to Find your Missing Pieces


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If you've been trying to change your relationship but nothing helped you at all, then probably you've taken some or all of these approaches:

  *   You've analyzed your spouse or partner or mother-in-law to no end

  *   You've tried all sorts of communication skills designed to improve relationships

  *   You've talked about your problems with friends or family

  *   You've talked to other couples to see what they have done

  *   You've read self-help books about relationships, and maybe even attended some workshops

You've been looking for answers - that magic formula or that missing key that will finally reveal what you need.

What if we tell you that you have been looking in the wrong places? What if we tell you that you are unconsciously creating your patterns? And what if we tell you, that lasting change is only an intention away?

Most of us walk around feelings trapped in jobs, relationships, situations that we see no way out. We spend an entire lifetime daydreaming of the great joy that awaits us and yet scared that it may not turn out as well as it could.

And that?s the reason why we stay stuck in our dead-end jobs, complaining about our bosses, co-workers. And that?s how we dream of running marathons, but we eventually end up just liking and commenting on pictures of our friends who did.

And that?s how we stay on in relationships that are toxic and remain unhappy and unfulfilled. And that is exactly why we wake up feeling that life seems to have no purpose or joy. Unfulfilled. Unhappy. Purposeless. Confused. Dissatisfied. Depressed. We all struggle to heal the parts of ourselves that threaten to break us. We want to regain our health, feel love, and salvage a sense of peace.

But the ultimate significance of life doesn?t come from something external but from something internal. It comes from a sense of esteem for ourselves, which is not something we can ever get from someone else.

People can tell you-you're beautiful, smart, intelligent, the best, or they can tell you that you are the most horrible human being on earth?but what matters is what you think about yourself. Whether or not you believe that deep inside you are continuing to grow and push yourself, to do and give more than was comfortable or you ever thought possible.

No more hunting for the pot of gold under the rainbow! It?s all here?inside of you! It's time to change, to take charge. To complete yourself. Take 2 days off, to find your lost self. I Complete Me: Nothing, but a journey to find your missing pieces. And while you are on this journey you start to gain wisdom to transform your life completely.


Sheila Ram Mohan is the author of the best-selling book, "I Complete Me?, an International Trainer, Master Spirit Life Coach & NLP-K Practitioner. She is also the Chairperson of All Ladies League, Telangana Chapter, with over 75,000 members in 160 countries, dealing with Family Wellness.

She says, "I wasted a lot of time and tears searching for answers outside of myself only to learn that everything I need is inside of me...and all I need to do is uncover those pieces.

Using her immense experience of working with over thousands of clients across the globe, Sheila will show you how to overcome the people-pleasing, boundary-less life that you have been leading to lean into your highest potential & give yourself the permission to be happier and deeply fulfilled.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  *   Tools and techniques to deal with unpleasant emotions arising out from unsupportive relationships, money issues, work pressure and health challenges

  *   To take charge of every area of your life (relationships, career, health, money, etc) and recreate it consciously

  *   Discover strategies on how to dream big and find fulfillment in your personal & professional life

  *   To act from a place of ENOUGHNESS, giving up the bad habits of overworking, overdoing and over giving

  *   To build processes and techniques for a healthy self-image and self-confidence.

  *   To create a super strong relationship with the most important person in your life ? YOU.

This event is for you if you:

  *   Feel unfulfilled, unhappy and discouraged

  *   Struggle to find your own identity

  *   Are fed up with being taken for granted

  *   Feel overworked, overwhelmed and under-thanked

  *   Feel unloved, insignificant and under-valued

Participant Speak:

"When doubts cloud your thoughts and life?s pressures get you down, Sheila steps in??like a wiper on the car?s windshield and clears away the doubts, with her positive, rational and no-nonsense approach.She steers our thoughts and emotions in a very non-judgmental and fruitful manner. She helps us to realize the potential that lies within us to make a meaningful and contented life for ourselves." - Geeta Menon

"The skills that Sheila taught me have not only helped me believe in myself but also continue to help me cope with difficulties with a positive attitude." - Uma

?Sheila has the amazing ability to identify your limiting thoughts, patterns, and fears that I have created for myself which were actually preventing me from succeeding. She gave me useful tools to break this limiting beliefs and fears. ?- Raj Vuppula

"What I like about Sheila?s approach is she is completely no-nonsense. Also, she does not offer one-size-fits-all kind of methods. She keeps updating her repertoire. She surprises the ?resistant mind? with new approaches." - Sowmya Nittala