IMF Workshop


IMF Workshop


Chicane Circuit, Shamirpet, Secunderabad, Telangana, India


06 : 00


13 : 00



1. Motovlogging workshop by Vikas Rachamallac Vikas Rachamalla the much known Motovlogger will tell you the ABCs of Motovlogging. Vikas Rachamalla will tell you all the basics to become a successful motovlogger, and all the ins and outs of video editing. Learn how your simple passion for bikes can become more than just riding.

2. Motovlogging Workshop by Rohith a.k.a Toll Free Traveler

Rohith a.k.a Toll Free Traveler will tell you his experience on bikes and will also conduct a motovlogging workshop. Know about the Motovlogging world more closely.

3. Safety gear workshop by Ismail Badri

The Owner of Gear up Ismail Badri will give you an exclusive workshop of safety gear. Know how to safer while you are out on the tracks. Know more about the gears and how they help you in keeping you safe on the roads.

This time IMF not only bring you track training but also workshops on Motovlogging and Safety Gear!

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